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Price list

The price for the renovation or the finishing is always negotiated.

During the first meeting we offer various solutions, and then we present the price list, which is always matched with the individual needs of the customer and the given order.

After the customer accepts the price list, measurements are taken and the estimated cost is being established. The customer receives also the information what materials and of what quality will be needed to carry out the order. On the customer’s request we do buy materials.

In order to get a pricing, you have just to contact us. We will arrange a meeting and discuss the extent of works and your expectations. Afterwards we will begin with the negotiations and the realization.

When the order concerns a complex finish of a house, flat or other rooms, we try to establish a summary price for all the works, which is beneficial for the customer. We offer a few forms of settlement of our work: for the whole order, for a square meter or an hour rate.

You will make a decision after a conversation with the owner of our company, who will help you to choose the best option.

We invite your cooperation.